Engaging, humorous, serious, educational, musical, and quite astonishing. He thoroughly wowed our very bright, affluent and informed audiences.

David Bryant Library Director Rancho Mirage Public Library, California

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Invite John Adams, the father of American Independence and the Second President of the United States to your next meeting or conference.

The historical figure of John Adams, portrayed by George Baker, will present his views of the nation, history and family life in a humorous and inspiring speech. He will be dressed in the clothes he would have worn as the Second President of the United States 1797-1801.

The program, which can be varied in length to fit the occasion, is entitled “Meet John Adams – A Witty and Revolutionary Conversation with America’s Second President”.

In a program entitled, “My Wife Abigail Adams, America’s First Modern Woman,” Adams describes how Abigail defied the sexist conventions of her time that married women could not own property and how she used her financial expertise to make the Adams family prosperous. (see the video)

Call or email George Baker to discuss a date.